frequently asked questions

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How can I apply ?

All the information regarding the application process is available in the « ?? residency ?? » tab, in french, english and portuguese.

What are the criteria for the digital portfolio ?

The content of the digital portfolio is quite free:

– The visuals presented don’t necessarly have to be part of a project that’s completly finished ;

– The portfolio isn’t necessary a representation of the work that will be made in Paris during the residency : for us, it’s more useful to help us understand the universe of the photographer and what’s important for him/her in his/her work. You are completly free to work, in Paris, with the visuals included in the portoflio you sent or with completly different visuals.

Does the digital application have to be only analogue pictures ?

No, it is also possible to send a file containing digital pictures as well.

It is still important to say that the residency is centered around analogue photography and working in the darkroom, and although we are open to other artistic techniques in the application file, you must be comfortable with working in the darkroom and be at least a bit familiar with this environment.

Is there a preference for a specific theme in our photography ?

It is totally up to you to choose what topic / theme / subject you want to cover with your photography.

Does the residency focuses only on the development and post production or will we produce the photos too ?

The residency focuses on silver gelatin printing in the darkroom, and not production of pictures. You must already have pictures in stock you want to work with when you arrive in Paris.

You can also take pictures during your stay in Paris, but we don’t think you’ll have enough time to properly print these picture if you also need time to take them and develop the film before printing.

Is there a calendar for the residency ?

You will find a calendar will all the dates of the residency in the application file.

Once in Paris, you will be free to organize your time however you want.

Can the prints be made in a fine art atelier, or it has to be from a darkroom printing ?

As long as the prints are made with an analog camera and the candidate has a minimum of experience in the darkroom, it is fine to send a fine art print you or someone else made.

Is there criteria of selection based on age ?

Apart from being over 18, there is no criteria regarding the age, gender etc of the candidates.