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Opened in October 2020, Ithaque is a residency space dedicated to analog photography in Paris.

With two workstations for black and white photography, Ithaque is open to receive proposals from artists looking for a new place or a new breath and new encounters in their creative process.

Practical information :

Ithaque is open to residents from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, the last print must be completed by 6:00 pm.
Ithaque is equipped with two Durst enlargers (a CLS2000 8×10’’, color head, and a M138 5×7’’, black and white head) and a dry mount heat press.

Maximum negative size accepted: 8×10’’; maximum print size: 50x60cm.

The photographers are responsible for their own photopaper and chemistry.
Ithaque is developping a partnership with Cité des Arts for the accomodation, more information to follow.

The duration of the residency is a minimum of one week and the maximum duration per year cannot exceed 12 weeks. The weeks of residency may be divided into several non-consecutive
periods during the year depending on the needs of the artist and the availability of the laboratories.


Ithaque encourages interested photographers to send a pdf document to the following address : to submit their application.

This document, which should not exceed 20 MB in size (WeTransfer not accepted), should contain the following elements:
• First and foremost, a letter of introduction from the applicant indicating what he or she wishes to do in Ithaque, and how much time he or she needs and when. (Ex: production of an exhibition or a project, research….)
• A brief biography,
• A portfolio of recent work or work relevant to the residency project.

Ithaque welcomes applications that demonstrate the following characteristics:
• Clarity of needs expressed for the residency;
• Rigor, discipline, punctuality;
• Maintenance of laboratory hygiene and respect for equipment.

Ithaque is sensitive to the profiles of experienced photographers, with a lot of laboratory practice, but also to the profiles of visual artists who are less autonomous in the darkroom. Alexandre, the manager of the place, is happy to take a moment in the morning to guide photographers towards more autonomy or new techniques – toning, solarizations, double exposures, photograms…

Whether the photographer is experienced or new to the lab, the most important thing is hygiene and respect for the equipment.
Ithaque strongly encourages applications from people of diverse backgrounds or from abroad.

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